Йошкар Стройгост-7 Тёмный орех


loop open 2 PCs, two locks (cylinder + lever), finish: outside powder coating, MDF film inside

Design (Йошкар Стройгост-7 Тёмный орех)
Type loops open
The number of loops 2
Insulation polyurethane foam
Number of circuits seals 2
Standard sizes 2050 x 860, 2050 x 960
Locking system (Йошкар Стройгост-7 Тёмный орех)
The number of castles two locks
Valve (night castle)
The type of the primary (lower) lock cylinder
Type upper castle lever
Finish (Йошкар Стройгост-7 Тёмный орех)
Finish the outside powder coating
Color options exterior finish brown
Finish the inner side MDF film
Color options interior decoration walnut
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